This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site and the latest information about us. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.


*July 15, 2006--Hey Guys, 'm working on "The Simpsons" Movie now...That's all I can I'm really busy. That's why I haven't posted anything new lately.

Take care!

*June 4, 2006--Ok here are a couple of links to check out for my latest artwork  to be uploaded.  The first one is Mojizu (A Contemporary Character Design Community) You can see Darrel's MOJIZU here...I want to thank the creator of the site, SABET for giving me the opportunity to display my latest artwork.
Also, here is my personal Blog There will be more added to the site later...but for now it's there.

*April 5, 2006--Check out the Character Design Article in the May issue of Animation Magazine .  I am one of the characters designers interviewed.
It's on Page 70.  Brad Manzo did a nice job writing it up!

*April 16, 2005--We apologize for the lack of updates.  It has been a very busy past year.  We have recently signed with Artistic Licensing Agency and look forward to working with them.  They will be  licensing our character-based artwork and content to retailers and manufacturers in the consumer merchandise, publishing, online media, and gaming industries, etc.
Also new images have been added and  highlighted in red.  Check them out and hope you like!

*May 15, 2004-- I got back from a much needed vacation visiting a friend of mine (Miles Teves) who works for WETA in New Zealand.  I had a great time in the city of  Wellington.  I was called back early to work on the Scooby Doo series at Warner Bro's.  I must say I am having a great time.  The crew is top notched and the best I have worked with for many seasons.  Meanwhile I have been diligently working with other artist on four pitch ideas for various studios.  I have a couple of licensing agents interested in the properties and we shall see how all this will pan out in the near future.  Again, I apologize for not updating with images and the NEWS section. 

*November 9, 2003--Personally speaking...for those of you who have been asking me if I have uploaded any new images to the website.  I can only say that I have been so busy with work, social, and family and have not had the time to do this.  I have a ton of new stuff that I would like to put up but most of it needs to be scanned and tweaked to look presentable.  I am not sure when I can do this but will try over the holidays.  I have 3 client projects and 3 of my own projects going on simultaneously.  Again, forgive my lack of image updates and please be patient with me.  Stay tuned for more information!

*October 17, 2003--We have teamed up with Daddy-O-Productions for all your animation needs, including 2D traditional, 3D CGI, and Flash.  Take a look here!!!

*October 14, 2003--Darrel Bowen will be working on the hit TV show  "Duck Dodgers" as a model designer.  He will start on December 1,  2003.

*June 23, 2003--I thought it might be funny to add some sketches of me brawling with a candy bar machine while I was working at Universal Cartoon Studios.  The great Alfred Gimeno (my director at that time) did these.   This was a few years ago.

*March 15, 2003--For those individuals who have been asking me when will I be updating the website with new images. I will be updating after I finish the "Ozzy & Drix" show which will wrap up in early June. I may give the website a possible makeover as well.

*January 1, 2003--Darrel Bowen will be working on the  "Ozzy & Drix" show  at  Warner Brothers TV  Animation starting early January.

*December 27, 2002--Darrel Bowen begins work on a toy line. The project is under wraps for now but will be disclosed in an announced future date.  Pease check back later here for details.

*April 4, 2002 -- Duck You Sucker! Productions... Take a look!!!


This is the recent media coverage of Darrel Bowen Media Design Services.

LOOKY HERE!!! The founder of Darrel Bowen M.D.S. gets interviewed by the world famous Komikwerks!!!




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