WWW.DRAWRICK.COM An online presentation of Rick Lucey's visual creations that cover a broad spectrum of subject matter and styles.
Another  WOWIE  ZOWiE
here Folks! Check out all the apparel & goodies here.   These clothing items and such have graphic designs from such artist/designers of  Walt Disney Animation Studios, Warner Bros. Animation, and Nickelodeon.
A fantastic contemporary character design community.
This is a great way for artist to post their own character designs for the whole world to see.  A MySpace for characters!
Comic Art Links Directory at Dragonberry.com WOW!  This is a tremendous source of comic book artists and other types of artists in all kinds of categories....Check it out!
WWW.DARRELBOWEN.BLOGSPOT.COM My first Blog ever...I'm not a good writer.
A group of cool artists who like to hang out at the local sketch tavern.
The swankiest place in town folks to view the swankiest art of Bob Lizarraga!
WWW.CARLOSHUANTEART.COM I have had the privilege to work with Carlos Huante when he was in animation and can also call him a great friend.  Check out his works on his website!
  The world's largest poster and print store!  If you can't find it here then you can't find it anywhere.
Southern California Directory Comprehensive directory and guide to everything in Southern California.
Cool stuff!  I think this artist is my twin brother in a past life. Check out his rocking artwork here!
Amfibi Web Search Cool search engine.
 LookDirectory.com - Comprehensive Human-Edited Directory A comprehensive human-edited directory.
  PainterGallery.com A comprehensive directory of artists and painters.
A comprehensive arts directory Comprehensive  Arts Directory.
 Shopping5.com - Shopping Directory The most comprehensive shopping web directory.
Check out this conceptual designers work out! 
He rocks! And get this...He's only 17!  I wish I was half this good when I was his age.
This is a bevy of the latest up-to-date news and views on all aspects of animation, as diverse as TV commercials, film releases, DVD's, video games, internet sites & new animation related products etc.
This is a bevy of Logo Designers...well respected and well crafted.
I like this website because of the overall raw art appeal for my own and anybody else's sensibilities.

Also linked up are 2 other websites to check out as well with some great retro graphics.(Ink2Art.com & FullMoonGraphics.com)
www.stewardlee.com My good friend & awesome animator/designer/comic book artist and all around great guy.  We went to Cal Arts together in the olden days.
A damn fine designer & animator!!!  Check him out folks!!!
www.lizarraga.net   A superb caricaturists & character designer!
Folks!!!  You got to see it to believe it!  It's well worth it!!! Take it from us!!!!
An excellent illustrator/designer/animator from my home town of Orlando, FL.
This artist is the original Red Haired She-Devil.  I know this rocking girl artist from Warner Bro's.  Her girlie drawings will knock your sox off!!!
This artist has a super clean and dynamic style of drawing.  I really like his character designs!
My good friend who is an excellent story board and  comic book  artist!  We have to do a project together Dell.
http://home.wanadoo.nl/blodshot/ I really like this guys art...He is a Dutch painter who is carrying on the tradition of American Custom Culture but giving his own twisted and unique signature.

A true Renaissance man of all mediums...This guy does it all and damn good to!!!

A tremendous source of online comics with great artists and it's free!
www.milesteves.com Let's talk here!  This guy rocks in movie production design!
www.warrenmanser.com Yet another amazing movie production designer!
www.teamgt.com A personal inspiration to me as an artist.
raptor button A very talented character designer with some cool ideas.
This girl has got it going on!
She is one of my favorite artist because of the level of skill and professionalism she brings to her work.  A very talented artist!!!
A brilliant Japanese female artist who brings a unique pop style of girl designs.
www.duckyousucker.com These two crazy Canadian brothers will be starting an Animation Production Company in Vancouver by next year.  Meanwhile they are busy with plenty of their own projects.
The great source for finding out about comic book related websites.
A compilation of character designs from around the globe.
The clever webmaster maintaining this site (and others).
Banners to link us with!!! 


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